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(2x) Telos One with SAA RTS SSA 324 Clearcom ac10h

(2x) Telos One with SAA
Clearcom ac10h

This box is ideal for solutions involving IFB, Intercom, Audio and Video Teleconferencing, Town Halls, Satellite Truck Feeds, Flyaway Pack support, Radio Remotes, Camera CCU support, Remote Trucks, Sports Events, Web Streaming, Live Broadcasts, any situations that require tying phone lines into phone bridges or intercoms.

The road ready case contains two (2x) Telos One hybrids with Super Auto Answer (SAA) options, an RTS SSA 324 2/2 or 2/4 wire interface and a Clearcom ac10h 2/2 or 2/4 wire interface. Useful for an IFB and an intercom interconnect, an audio only teleconference with intercom, a video teleconference with phone bridge, or interfacing two different intercom systems, these are reliable pieces that give the operator complete control over volume in and out of the telephone lines and the intercoms.

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