Alash Ensemble, ‘Buura’ at the Artery Houston 2012

Tuvan throat singers Alash perform ‘Buura’ at the Artery 2012.

It’s original site demolished, The Artery was one of Houston’s classic Art Houses. Unlike the Orange Show or the Beer Can House, its artist/director, Mark Larsen is still alive. Like Inversion the art space itself has been demolished. Unlike Project Row Houses, which has moved from art to include immediate community development, the Artery was entirely consumed by the development in the neighborhood. The Artery depended on private donation almost exclusively and had a large retinue of longtime volunteer participants. In this aspect , the vibe and operation was most closely like Anderson Fair

I met Mark Larsen through Bill Kelley and first worked with Mark on the hugely ambitious and influential ‘The Imminent Asteroid‘, which I sound designed. This was the beginning of one of my longest attendances in admiration, in that I have witnessed many magical evenings there. Bill Day was the long time serving sound artist at the Artery. He recorded this and almost all of the Artery Media Project works while mixing the house PA through a window. Bill, to my mind, is one of the great unsung heroes of Houston Sound. It was my honor to be asked to finish mix several sessions for picture in my ProTools suite.

More Alash: “Odarladyp Semirtiili”, “The Reindeer Herder’s Song”, and ‘Buura’

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