‘Message’ by Song on KUHT circa 1999

What can I say about my friend Song? I met her on the Johnny P/Scarface video Do or Die. We were immediate friends. We also worked on Destiny Child’s first video appearance. She introduced me to Project Row Houses. Then when her CD In the Fireplace came out, I got her on Weeknight Edition’s ‘Music Notes’ in my first year as Audio Specialist at KUHT-TV8, Houston Public Television. Mark Kennedy, who directed this video suggested I submit the work for an Emmy, and it was nominated for the Craft of Sound Design. Later, she was my guest at the inaugural 2004 Lonestar Emmy Awards where I won the 2004 Lonestar Emmy award for the Craft of Sound Design. Song is one of my favorite people on the planet and I wish her the best as her career soars to new heights with her cousin Fred Wesley

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