The Rock Star Principles of Success Astronaut Cady Coleman and Ian Anderson Duet in Space Episode 105

Episode 105 of the Rock Star Principles of Success Podcast resulted in a great video story where Dayna Steele talks to her friend Astronaut Cady Coleman about her duet with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson from space on his flute. The video was produced and edited at Citizen Doug Productions own post suite. NASA archival footage and the Zoom video feed from the podcast interview was combined in Premiere Pro CC.

The podcast Episode 105 includes
The Guests: Passion: Write Their Story, Grow Your Business free training for you from Sam Cook Knowledge: Freeze Your Credit from Your Daily Success Tip with Page Grossman Networking:NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman Appreciation: Cady Does Dayna’s Laundry:Other Links: Cady’s amazing artist husband: Josh Simpson Glass
Cady and Ian Anderson: The Flute Duet
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