Citizen Doug Productions provides location sound for Walmart

Citizen Doug Productions has spent the summer doing location sound for Fortune 100 company Walmart and their agency VIMBY. The ads have been shot and turned around the same day by Filmmaker Vi Nguyen. Filmmaker is the title that she is given for what is going to end up being the model for a lot of quick turn, low overhead marketing such as this. Her partner in crime, Producer Tina Ho ably wrangles a crew of five plus talent and clients for two days of shooting, one in English, one in Spanish. These Houston women of film earned their battle scars at Houston’s Van TV.

The audio package includes Sound Devices 552, Lectrosonics dygital hybrid wireless, Sennheiser shotgun, Denecke TSC slate, an Lectrosonics IFB wireles client listening.

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1 Response to Citizen Doug Productions provides location sound for Walmart

  1. citizendoug says:

    I no longer provide sound for this campaign. The current quality does not reflect my standards.

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