Citizen Doug Productions books and runs crews, develops videos and events from start to finish, and tells stories with words, pictures and especially sound.

When the station was still airing local bands, HoustonPBS often asked it’s Audio Specialist to contribute to the production of live music.

One of the hat tricks that Citizen Doug Productions provides is field production combined with audio. This can save on the cost of the day. On this Anadarko TV project the challenges were not only engaging the subjects, but safely navigating the sound field of a major construction site.

These days, writing and producing assignments come with confidentiality agreements and often very sensitive information or circumstances. Recent clients have been big companies, big deals, and the occasional big disaster involving nature, so these clips are from before I worked for HoustonPBS.

Huge thanks are due to Jay Olivier of Olivier Video Productions who gave me the permission to post these and provided the original motivation for doing the work.

Douglas Robertson writing sample

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