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Ron Paul

Drove down to Lake Jackson to record in Ron Paul’s office for All Things Considered

Ari Daniel Shapiro is an oceanographer with a passion for radio, story telling and downright interesting science. As a guest producer for RadioLab he contributed to the Sperm show. He asked me to record and interview Kathleen LaBounty. I teased Ari on tape for putting me onto a story that as yet had no ending, so he decided to put my voice in at the end. Doh!

Ira Glass

Citizen Doug recorded Daniel Johnson for This American Life

NPR’s Tell Me More introduces Citizen Doug to one of the Deepwater Horizon widows one year after

All Things Considered lands Citizen Doug in Yao Ming’s trophy room

Citizen Doug Records Bill White for NPR’s Day to Day

From CBC’s ‘Tapestry’ Dr. Eagleman recorded by Citizen Doug

The Kitchen Sisters introduce Citizen Doug to Sammy Ray, professor emeritus at Texas A&M University Galveston

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