Carolyn Wonderland ‘Bloodless Revolution’ at KUHT 06-30-04

This would be one of the last music tapings I did at HoustonPBS. It doesn’t take long to learn in TV that everything gets canceled. Carolyn was just about to spend a little time on the road with Bob Dylan. I met Carolyn at the staging of ‘In the Underthunderloo’. She has been a singular example of integrity, outspokenness and talent, and it is a great honor to claim her friendship. I have learned much about how to be an artist from her.

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In the Undertunderloo Poster

This may be the eighth or so time I had ever heard Carolyn Wonderland sing or Scott Daniels play. The show was called ‘In the Under Thunderloo’ written by my HSPVA underclassman Jason Nodler. The song is Dives and Divas and was recorded in Pat Coakley, my mentor’s Winnebago on the fly to DAT on a Audioarts 8008. Scott Daniels guitar, Leesa Harrington drums, Chris King bass, Matt Kelly B-3, Scott A. Beliveau percussion, flute player TBD

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  1. jason says:

    How cool, Doug. Thanks for posting. The flute was played by Joshua Kosoy.

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