Space City Gamelan ‘Jiro’ at KUHT 11-14-03

I probably met Space City Gamelan through Matt Crawford, my A2 on Mary Lou’s Flip Flop Shop. I remember driving to the Houston Indonesian Consulate, which owned the gamelan instruments seen here, to check out a rehearsal. This was a bit of a logistical challenge. Gabriel Villalobos, the founder of the orchestra, is a wonderful soul of the world. The musician playing the bass gongs is Aaron Hermes, with whom I also collaborate in audio. This performance was part of my 2004 Lonestar Emmy for the Craft of Sound Design submission.

Gatot Winandar is playing the drums. He was the mentor of the ensemble, teaching each player facing them on the same instrument.

More Space City Gamelan “Break Beat Padas”, “Lun Cat”, and “Gambang Suling”

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