The Trade ‘Unison’ at KUHT 1-21-03

The Trade started as a Monday night jazz jam at Helios. They were able to hold a crowd and were accessible to the younger jazz players who might not be able to get past the sharp elbows of the first call jazz bullies that are typical of a jam session with the longevity that this band had. It would get a little free form at times, but mostly it got tighter and better. They began to work in their own tunes as well as the usual standbys. Don’t get me wrong, jams are great, especially for wanna-be’s like me who can’t commit to the low pay and long bookings of an original band because we have bills to pay. But the Trade was close to the part of a jam that finds its own community and begins to influence the local scene itself, not just giving a young kid a shot when it gets slow. The nights got rowdy, the ladies were fine, the drinks got bought, and a more unique repertoire was approached.

More The Trade “Llama Bamba”, “Chameleon”, and The Trade “First Fall Song” at KUHT 1-21-03

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Check out more Houston Music

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