Citizen Doug steps up its IFB and on-set listening with Lectrosonics

Citizen Doug Productions is excited to announce the completion of it’s Lectosonics wireless IFB and on-set listening package. Clients are overwhelmingly choosing the new DSLR workflows for their projects, but it doesn’t take long to realize that immediate playback with sync sound is not so easy to achieve. During agency style shoots it is important to get instant approval from a clean sounding reliable headset that is easy to use. Since we have two T2 transmitters and Lectrosonics 400H cube, it is possible to have a completely wireless boom operator rig with monitoring and remote cueing.

For true IFB assignments, Citizen Doug may also provide a comprehensive Phone and Telco Box with JK Audio ComPack, Remote Mix and Bluetooth interfaces.

(2x) Telos One with SAA RTS SSA 324 Clearcom ac10h

(2x) Telos One with SAA
Clearcom ac10h

We also may provide a road case with two Telos ones and intercom interfaces for Clearcom and RTS two wire. With the Texan’s opening a new season as AFC South champions the signing of Jeremy Lin by the Rockets, and satellite truck usage, townhalls, and teleconferencing on the rise, it’s good to remember that Citizen Doug Productions has the tools needed for the uncompromising demands of broadcasting. A Lectrosonics IFBT1 and two Lectrosonics T2 may be included in the package with two Telex IFB standard coilie listening earpieces. This means you can have a multiple IFBs on set for host and guests, perfect for those round robin shows where one of or more guests are remote from your location and the host requires cueing from the control room such as this shoot with Tracy McGrady for Off the Record.

This package includes full support for Sound Devices 302, 442, and 552 mixers. We have two Peter Eng R21t boxes that allow for use of the tape out TAF-3M output without taking it over. It has a loop-thru output. You can then select Left, Mix or Right to feed the transmitter which is absolutely essential if you need to send a mix minus off of one of your mix buses. No echoes!

The Lectrosonics T2’s comes with battery savers which means you can hook them up to your own bag power distribution. This a huge convenience because when your bag powers off, so does the transmitter. No chasing dead 9V batteries and keeping track of extra power switches.

The kit comes with up to five Lectrosonics R1a’s and five headphones.

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