Citizen Doug records Bela Karolyi for NPR’s All Things Considered

I got to record All Things Considered Host Audie Cornish’s interview of gymnastic coaching legend Bela Karolyi.


It was a very busy day at Camp Karolyi, a sprawling, frumpy, yet world class facility in the heart of the Sam Houston National Forest where thousands of tiny gymnasts have gotten their shot at the big time. It is a place lined with the personal and professional photos of legends of the gymnastics world and a mind boggling amount of trophies.

It is also the home away from home for the USA Olympic Gym Team’s final training. On the day of the recording, there were both preparations for the outgoing team as it headed for London and registration day for another camp session. The place was buzzing and Bela, though gracious, had limited time.

I first met Bela on the set of Mary Lou’s Flip Flop Shop, a 13 episode shot in HD series for PBS-X shot at HoustonPBS. The work of the sound department was nominated for a 2002 Suncoast Emmy for the Craft of Audio. This series was produced by Mary Lou Retton, Bill Young, and HoustonPBS.

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