After Party with Tianna Hall ‘Fever’ 9-20-06

For almost four seasons, we did a little talk show called The After Party on HousotnPBS. This was another brainchild of the amazing Ernie Manouse and was capably directed by Matt Brawley. We were crammed into studio B. Music consisted of a tiny stage and a crappy electric piano. It was a great vehicle to promote the cultural scene in Houston, and I got to design and mix a classic, if small, host-desk driven talk show with a live audience. The show gave me a huge respect for the cats that do the classic TV talk shows, and it was a ride that upped the game of the entire crew at KUHT. Killed in its prime by a new station manager who had to make his mark by screwing up something and then leaving, I doubt the like will be seen again.

Tianna Hall is the full deal. A jazz diva with a big voice, big book, big heart, the list goes on. She is regularly up for the Houston Press Music Award.

She’s so cool she lent me her Trans Am after a wreck, graciously joined me for my for my second Emmy wining Gala and let me mix and master her amazing CD ‘Tianna Hall & The Mexico City Jazz Trio’

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