Mark Halata and Texavia “Black Crow Polka” at KUHT 7-23-03

Mark Halata and Texavia performs ‘Black Crow Polka” this was tune was part of Douglas Robertson’s 2004 Lonestar Emmy winning composite entry for the Craft of Sound Design.

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Mark Halata und Texavia führt ‘Black Crow Polka “war tune war Teil Douglas Robertson 2004 Lonestar Emmy gewinnen Composite-Eintrag für den Craft of Sound Design.

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Mark Halata a Texavia provádí “Black Crow Polka” to byla melodie byla součástí Douglas Robertson 2004 Lonestar Emmy vyhrál složený vstup pro řemesla Sound Design.

Více Mark Halata a Texavia “Malý Goose

Mark Halata i Texavia wykonuje “Black Crow Polka” to melodia była częścią Douglasa Robertsona 2004 Lonestar Emmy composite wpis dla Craft of Sound Design.

Więcej Mark Halata i Texavia ‘Mala Goose

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