The Gypsies “Tchavalo Swing” at KUHT 1-22-03

The Gypsies. The very name is a statement of the long history of the band under the leadership of Greg Harbar. Anyone who tries to name a new band these days has many challenges beyond duplication. One recent requirement is that the name must be unique enough to be searchable on the web. The Gypsies are so venerable that they don’t have a website. The name is so generic that there are sure to be groups all over the world that use the name, but in Houston, if you say “The Gypsies” and you are speaking to a musician whose been around the scene for a while, they will likely nod and be able to tell a story or two.

Mandolin solo features Kelly Lancaster.

Another indication of the legacy of the band is that it has outlived several of its participants. Notably in this case is the bass player Steve Adams of the Dreambreakers who passed not long after this session and Kelly Lancaster 2-17-2013. Greg passed away Friday, February 12, 2016

More Gypsies ‘Czaras‘, ‘Djelem Djelem’ and “Kalomijka

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  1. Marjorie Lancaster Nichols says:

    thank you for keeping this video online. Kelly was an extraordinary man and musician and he is deeply, deeply missed.

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