Citizen Doug Productions does frequency coordination

Shure Wireless Workbench 6.5 coordinting a 16 channel ULX rack

Citizen Doug Productions has gathered a range of software, tools and experience that gives our clients a level of confidence that is necessary in today’s hostile radio spectrum. Wireless mics, in-ear monitors, wireless intercom, camera hops, on set listening, all must compete with digital TV stations, other wireless operators and even themselves for space that is less and less available.

Worship settings, sports facilities, theatres, teleconferences, political events, conventions, and reality TV can push number of channels used well into the triple digits. It is a common misconception that all these devices figure out how to work together, or that like wi-fi, they can share the same frequency of even the same block of channels.

With the WinRadio 305e, Wireless Workbench 5.5 and 6.5, RF Guru 2.0 and a growing library of equipment manuals, Citizen Doug Productions can help make sense of a current installation that isn’t working like it should, a new system that is being planned, or a show that is in progress.

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