The Imminent Asteroid 20th Anniversary

The Imminent Asteroid was a performance art piece conceived and organized by Mark Larsen of the Artery. It was performed over three days October 23,24, and 25, 1992 at the Heights Theatre, then essentially a bare to the walls hall. A massive stage, more a site specific kinetic sculpture, was installed to support the performance, with two pit orchestras, two projection screens, traps, atmospheric, shadow, and lighting effects and shrubbery. In nine acts, the allegoric stage of the earth was , created, mismanaged and righteously destroyed by an asteroid, ultimately to be visited by intergalactic beings who set the regrowth in motion. Over 100 artist, musician, dancers, and theatre artisans contributed each night. Everyone donated their time, including me, who designed, installed and operated the surround sound scape, as well as recorded the performances.


One of the most significant results of the performance was a strong bond that developed amongst the cast and crew. For my sake, the call sheet was used regularly before the advent of cell phones and I in turn was called by the artists in further collaboration. This video was of act VII, performed by John Davis of the band Happy Fingers Institute, whose members were key to the backup band in the primary pit. From this I was engaged to master the band’s CD, The Science of Communication/Job Specimen. Primary members are now present in the band Anarchitex. John Davis, performing here clothed, is not only known for his punk philosophical sensibilities, but also his pre-Gaga costumes and discerningly critical wit. His works might only have been spawned in a pre-911 climate, and mores the pity.

Here is another recording from the Asteroid.

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  1. Bill Kelley says:

    What a freakin’ awesome event to be a part of. Equal parts Mark Larson vision and collaboration among tens of artists, musicians, dancers, pyro technicians, etc! I will forever remember holding my head in a bucket of ice water before each performance. A surreal experience. Thank you Mark, Bill, Doug, Stefan, Malcolm, Amy, Kelli, Dan, Margaret, Tim, and on and on. Happy Anniversary all.

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