Carolyn Wonderland with Scott Daniels “I Believe In You” at KUHT 6-30-04

I was anticipating posting this taping of Carolyn performing the Bob Dylan song “I Believe In You” at KUHT on 6-30-04 with some sadness. It was one of the last band recordings I did for HoustonPBS as the show was canceled and I was laid off several years later. Now the misery is complete. This is the last recording I made of Scott Daniels who passed on 5-12-13

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I met Scott playing in Fleshmop with Jay Maulsby, Ben Collis and Rich Tapia while I was doing house sound at the Axiom circa 1990. One of their tunes, later revived by Joint Chiefs, was “Rubber Things” presented here by the Thunderloo band that played the premiere production that inspired Infernal Bridegroom Productions and later Catastrophic Theater, “In the Under Thunderloo”. This is an excellent example of Scott’s amazing chording capability, which made him not only a killer lead guitarist, but a brilliant accompanist as in “I Believe In You”. I signed on to watch over the sound, though I didn’t mix the house sound every night; I did keep the house system of the club, then named under new management Catal Hyuck, alive and provided a few pieces of gear. The last two nights, I borrowed my mentor Pat Coakley’s Winnebago and set up my Audioarts 8008 and DAT, borrowed a bunch of gear from Rock Romano, and nicked this recording of Scott, Leesa Harrington (-Squyres), Jay, Chris King (who traded bass chores with Brett Needham), Matt Kelly, Scott A. Beliveau, and Joshua Kosoy. The mic plug fell out of Jay’s mic in the middle.

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  1. Sandy Francis says:

    Houston and the world thanks you for your service.

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