Citizend Doug records United eco-skies flys the first U.S. BioFuel flight

Hired by Jay Olivier of Olivier Video Productions to operate OVP’s equipment; Douglas Robertson was privileged to record the first BioFueled commercial flight.

From United’s website:

“On November 7, 2011 The United eco-skies 737-800 operated by Continental Airlines, flew the first U.S. commercial flight powered by advanced biofuels. Flight 1403, a Boeing 737-800, departed Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport for Chicago O’Hare International Airport, making United the first U.S. airline to fly passengers using a blend of sustainable, advanced biofuel and traditional petroleum-derived jet fuel.”

This was a quick series of standup interviews in the open terminal.

Jay was instrumental to the beginning of my production experience.

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