Douglas Robertson records Dave Hartsock for WBUR’s Here and Now

Dave Hartstock Jump

Presented by WBUR‘s Kind World online experiment, the story of skydive instructor Dave Hartsock’s sacrifice for his tandem partner Shirley Dygert was aired on Thanksgiving 2013 on Here and Now. Douglas Robertson was hired to record Dave’s half of a tape sync. The only instructions were that the subject was in a wheel chair. What unfolded that afternoon was the lengthy account of a harrowing event event that could only have lasted a tiny part of the hour and twenty minute interview. This was a difficult tell for Dave as his vocal cords have been damaged by tracheotomy. He needs candies to sooth his throat, and the effort of the telling is itself exhausting. His attitude remains remarkably positive.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the health, gifts received and work that makes my life comfortable and easy, but I am especially thankful to be able to let you know that Dave needs your help. His care has exhausted his savings and that of his primary caregiver, his mother. Please make your donations here.

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