Doug Robertson records South Main Baptist Church Choir, Organ and Orchestra 2013 Advent

Recorded by Douglas Robertson for Citizen Doug Productions ,this an excerpt from the Advent third Sunday service at Houston’s South Main Baptist Church. This our first multi-track recording under the new music Ministry of Carey Joseph Canon. Location recording support provided by Citizen Doug Productions. Final Post mix at Citizen Doug Productions.
Photo Dec 19, 3 53 52 PM
The video production is part of the Broadcast Ministry at SMBC. An over thirty year tradition of broadcasting services and events at SMBC, it is one of the oldest regular broadcasts in the city of Houston with more then a few longstanding participants having served the vast majority of that volunteer ministry.

Advent 2013 – And it Came to Pass in Those Days: Joy 12-15-2013 from South Main Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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