Location audio for KHOU’s “Buffalo Bayou Park, Where Houston Begins”

Photo Aug 17, 9 39 40 AM 300My family has had a long association with Buffalo Bayou between Shepherd Drive and Sabine St, so it was neat to be asked to work a day with my location sound kit doing field interviews on KHOU’s Buffalo Bayou Park Where Houston Begins, ably directed by David Norton. The majority of the dialogue was done by my longtime friend Erik Kolflat (Disclosure: neither of us did the sound edit or post.) The piece is a comprehensive tour of Buffalo Bayou Park and covers the opening day ceremonies and the special features of the park. The piece is hosted by Chita Johnson. Videography by Trent Wittenbach. There is also a Buffalo Bayou Guide App for iPhone and Android.

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1 Response to Location audio for KHOU’s “Buffalo Bayou Park, Where Houston Begins”

  1. Marta Robertson says:

    This is terrific! You were one of the first supporters of the Bayou. Takes me “home.” Great job!

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