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Photo Feb 04, 5 22 11 PMMy mom called me the other day and asked me what I was working on. I told her lately a lot of wedcasts. They have become a growth segment of my business. She asked, “What does that mean?” The very next day I was working for a new client, APM, a wholly owned subsidiary of an old client, GE. Both of these are served through Flying Colors and Sirius Video. The general public doesn’t usually get to see these because they are either highly proprietary or have registration requirements for viewing.

Photo Feb 04, 12 09 47 PM

A typical webcast audio setup fits on one cart

Called townhalls, all hands meetings, quarterly reports, product launches, press conferences, they may not be very stimulating viewing for a general audience, but these multi billion or million dollar corporations take them very seriously because they know that their investors are watching closely as well as the business press. They can be single camera (this event), multi camera (switched or posted), or audio only events.

From an audio point of view, short of television event broadcasting, they represent the greatest combination of the various crafts that I provide. Skills include, broadcasting, public-address (PA) systems, high wireless channel counts, two way video and telephony feedsand press pool feeds, intercom, remote feeds, IFB, single and multi camera synchronization and audio support. APM was wonderfully prepared, hospitable, and  pleasant to work with. Still these type assignments may have all the challenge and chaos that executive relations, last minute changes, large audiences, and short setup times can often bring. If you want to know the value of the words you are passing along, just wait for that CEO you just put a microphone on to state the annual profit number and the CFO next after him say the annual earnings. Then look at the stock price of the company before and after the show. This is why people call Citizen Doug.

Some of the clients I have done this kind of audio for:

Microsoft, NFL Films, The Houston Texans, GE, Fidelity Investments, HP, Sysco Foods, Wayne Fueling Systems, APM, Neighbors Emergency Care, Points of Light Foundation, Houston First , Expo Expo, IATSE Local 51

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