Location Sound Recording and Mixing Expanded!

Photo Jan 17, 4 33 21 PM

X-DANTE_P0AZR_PFI1-I_PAs part of Citizen Doug’s Behringer X-32 package, we now have an SD16 in addition to an S16, combined with 32 channels of 2-way transformer isolated split and up to 300 ft of Cat-5 AES50 snake. Combined with the DANTE card, DANTE Via and ProTools, we can now capture each channel with backup recording of a concert,  event, conference, reality cast, political rally, webcast, whatever, without harming the house mixer, or we can provide a mix.

The SD16 has already made several appearances just because it’s so much easier to run a single network cable then make home runs from video land to the mixer.

And with the iPad mixer control app, most trouble shooting, setup, room tuning and routing jobs are completed without all the running back and forth. This is a well though out and well implemented system.

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