Citizen Doug Game Day Audio mixer for Dynamo revitalizing East Downtown | Get Me In There: Houston

Photo Jun 18, 8 48 04 PMGot the chance to work for Major League Soccer as game day audio mixer for “Dynamo revitalizing East Downtown | Get Me In There: Houston” Photo Jun 18, 8 18 22 PMEvery time I work on a video that has Mario Enrique Gonzo Figueroa Jr. in it, I am never scheduled on his day. Bummer. He’s amazing. The weather was awful: 100 degrees and rain delayed the game. The game was tied at a score of zero. The theme was Star Wars, which basically meant everywhere we went was unusable branding, empty seats or angry fans. Bizarre. But the crew was great and we marched on through.

Two Canon c300’s were supported with double system recording on Sound Devices 633 and Lectrosonics wireless and IFB, plus Ambient Lockit boxes.

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