Political Commercial Audio “I’m an Indie”

In this highly charged political era, it can be a challenge to be a sound pro. Following the First Amendment is still the most professional approach, such advocacy being occasionally wrenching. One cannot appear to endorse a party and lose the gig from others. Add to this the Citizen’s United decision and you have a landscape filled with media production funded by unknown sources. This video produced by Advoc8 for the Indie Party, is another approach that the Texas Tribune identifies as a for profit corperation.

I did all the location recording except the guy in the hat. Everyone on set was wonderful, and the result is some of the highest quality I have been involved with in political production. Thanks to Martini Lighting for the referral.

Sound Devices 633, Ambient Nano Lockits, and Lectrosonics wireless with Countryman B6 mics were used on this 4k and 6k production with Red Dragon and Sony FS-7 cameras.

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