“Covid 19” Performance Documentation Shooting, Editing Henry Darragh Trio

On June 26, 2020, I left isolation for the first time in three months since the XFL shut down. I was possibly exposed to the virus by a visiting team. The day after this session, Judge Hidalgo issued a Harris County mask order.

Musicians are nearly unique in this situation in the need to perform and earn while the vulnerable nature of that performance causes a tremendous strain on the nature of inspiration and creativity. In addition, many artists struggled with rent and job insecurity, addiction, and mental health challenges before the pandemic. I can also include media and events professionals in this struggle. Four weeks later, composer Henry Darragh announced that he had tested positive for Covid-19. I can’t say that everything was perfectly safe during this project. I can say that the lyrics that Henry set to this music and the combination of circumstances will always grab me hard. I hope we will be able to realize the proper setting for the music with voice. Henry is recovering, in recovery.

Composer Henry Darragh chose Douglas Robertson to mix, master, shoot and edit his “What Can I Say?” project which included music video, music mix, and mastering. Music will be available on your favorite digital music service for purchase or streaming.Videos of the jazz recording session will be seen on Facebook, IGTV, YouTube, and Vimeo. David Craig bass, Jerre Jackson drums. Engineered by David Caceres and Anthony Sapp. Available July 30, 2020.

Check out “My Friend Kellye” and “What Can I Say” from this session

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