Citizen Doug Productions supports very high quality image capture with audio tools you will recognize as excellent, rugged, reliable, and convenient.

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ENG kit with Sound Devices 633, Sennheiser 416, Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid mics and camera hops, Lectro IFB with 8 listens.

Webcasting audio support with lavs, Q&A mics, telephone interconnect, PA speakers, intercom, digital mixer with iPad remote and CAT 5 digital snakes.

Thirty-two track multi-track recording from classical technique to punk rock skills. Multi camera no-drift support with SMPTE time code, transformer splits, digital snakes, DANTE, Pro Tools, Sound Devices PIX 260i.

For this shoot Citizen Doug provided support for five DSLR’s, GoPro’s, one Red One, a wireless boom with wireless return, a mixer boom and three Lectrosonics digital hybrid lavs. Also included was a wireless time code slate and time of day time code distribution.

Citizen Doug has a lot of experience and facility for multi-camera shoots. We have support for two Red Epic and Arri Alexa cameras including breakaway snakes that go right into the camera. Of course full second system high resolution recording accompanies the process because, well, you know.

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