Tweed Smith Baby Baby Blues at KUHT 10-1-02

Tweed Smith may have been the first performance 0n ‘the beat’ a segment of ‘the connection’ (no caps)

It was the first time I met Glen Ackerman on bass. Marion Booker drums, Kenny Abair guitar, and Stephen Richard on sax.

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“The Universal Title” Radio and Podcast with Preacher Moss Recorded at Citizen Doug Productions

From America Abroad Media, The Muhammad Ali Center, and PRX, “The Universal Title” is a one-hour special on Muhammad Ali’s spiritual journey from Christianity to Islam — And what really made him ‘The Greatest.’ Hosted by Preacher MossSubscribe to the podcast to catch all the episodes. Check here for local radio listings. More information at

Preacher Moss’ narration was recorded safely at Citizen Doug Productions with Google Meet conferencing, UV air purification, and eventually vaccine immunity.

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Rest in Peace Sherman Robertson “Everybody Love Somebody” at KUHT 2-11-03

Legendary guitarist Sherman Robertson passed on January 28th, 2021

Sherman Robertson’s obituary will mention that he recorded a song on Paul Simon’s Graceland, and no doubt his career was boosted by that happy circumstance. In down to earth Houston terms, he was a student of Conrad Johnson. More Sherman Robertson “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind“, “Am I Losing You?”, and “Me and My Guitar Check out more Houston Music
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Documentary Audio “Speaking Grief” from WPSU

The WPSU Grief Initiative partners with the New York Life Foundation to produce the documentary Speaking Grief. Lindsey Whissel Fenton has produced and directed the documentary and helmed the initiative which provides community resources to improve the way that we grieve in our society.

Douglas Robertson provided four days or interview audio in Houston with family members who have lost loved ones and counselors that specialize in supporting those who grieve. The documentary will air May 5th on WPSU with continuing wider and national release.

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The Rock Star Principles of Success Astronaut Cady Coleman and Ian Anderson Duet in Space Episode 005

Episode 005 of the Rock Star Principles of Success Podcast resulted in a great video story where Dayna Steele talks to her friend Astronaut Cady Coleman about her duet with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson from space on his flute. The video was produced and edited at Citizen Doug Productions own post suite. NASA archival footage and the Zoom video feed from the podcast interview was combined in Premiere Pro CC.

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GiIlman Automotive Group Ad Gillman Guy Rule 36

For seven years, Citizen Doug Productions has had the pleasure of supporting the audio for Gillman Automotive Group‘s Gillman Guy campaign. Seen her is Matt Moore who has been one of the guys for the whole run. He is a brilliant talent. Thanks to Moffett Productions for returning me to the stage, in this case, their new facility in downtown Tomball, Texas.

The Red Helium was supported with Sound Devices 633 recording, synced with Ambient Recording Lockits, mic’d with Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid transmitters, onset listening with Lectrosonics IFB, and mics B6 by Countryman.

Check out some of the Gillman work

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Sound Stage Audio Champion Energy Commercial- Tiny Type

Moffett Productions built a new custom production facility including a three wall cyclorama sound stage that opened in 2019. This recent project for Champion Energy had all the departments pulling together.

Moffett’s Red Helium was supported by Citizen Doug Productions with Sound Devices recording, Ambient ACN networked lockits, Lectrosonics digital hybrid wireless and IFB.

Check out more of the continuing collaboration with Moffett Productions

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Douglas Robertson is FCC licensed.

Citizen Doug Productions can offer standing in all available bands up to 250mW. With our coordination services, your productions will have the best options for your wireless requirements.

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Houston to Berlin Live Satellite Audio. Simone Biles: Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year 2020

Citizen Doug mic’s GOAT’s. Simone Biles graciously accepts her third Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award. Unfortunately, the audio was late in the PA system in Berlin, but they got it going by her second response and it gives a good example of the difference of with and without PA and unruffled performances by all.

This was a classic worldwide satellite live feed from World Champions Centre with lav, IFB, intercom, and SDI embedded audio. Thanks to Julye Newlin Productions and PSSI Global Services for the gig.

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Location Narration Voice Overs with Vince Wilfork At Killen’s BBQ NFL On Fox with Intuit Quickbooks

Citizen Doug was tasked to record Vince Wilfork narration voice overs on location at Killen’s BBQ in Pearland, TX for NFL on FOX Sports and Intuit Quickbooks as part of their official NFL sponsorship.

This qualified as a ‘good eatin’ shoot with excellent BBQ. Boomshot Productions produced this spot. Thanks to Martini Lighting for the referral! Shot on an Arri Alexa Mini with Ambient Nano Lockit timecode, Lectrosonics IFB, (Check out the link to see the rig) 24 on set listening headsets, Lectrosonics SMQV, Lectrosonics SRC, and Sound Devices 633. On location narration was recorded with Vince Wilfork.

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Live Streaming Audio for Video on Facebook for United

Citizen Doug Productions supported Live Facebook streaming from the open United International Terminal E at IAH Bush Intercontinental. United was celebrating the announcement of it’s Star Wars themed 737.

Four Cobham wireless Sony 55’s captured a Squad of Storm Troopers, Droids, The HCC Wind Ensemble, and United executive leadership with broadcast mix and full iso record on a Sound Devices Pix 260i, Ambient Nanlockits, Behringer X32 Producer, X-Dante card, and Lectrosonics VRM Venue. The project was produced by 2nd Decade Productions.

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Location Sound Recording for Key by Amazon

Interviews on location are still the bedrock of the work that Citizen Doug Productions provides. For this series of ads for Key by Amazon produced by Shooting Stars Pro. Lectrosonics lav and hypercardioid boom were mixed through a Sound Devices 633 hard wired directly to a Red Dragon.

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Podcast Recording for Slate’s Slow Burn “Cops on My Tail”

Got to record Allen Tanner, defense attorney for Ronald Ray Howard for the Slow Burn Podcast. The tape sync was done at his law office in Houston with a Zoom F6.

The episode was picked up on Pushkin Industries’ “Broken Record”

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LiveU Audio Feed, NBA-TV, 2019 NBA Media Day for NBA-TV Russell Westbrook & James Harden On Playing Together,

James Harden on NBA-TV Media Day 2019

Russell Westbrook on NBA-TV Media Day 2019

It has been a pleasure to be a part of Rockets Media Day for many years. 2019’s assignment was to provide live mixes for a LiveU feed to NBA-TV of many of the team members.

Audio was from two hard wired handheld mics to a Sound Devices 633 which fed the camera and on to the transmission backpack via SDI embed.

Shot by Julye Newlin

No retakes, mic technique included. GOGOGO.

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Interview Recording Wireless: A Critical Lifeline | Janine

Janine told her Harvey story and took us to the house that flooded.

Shot for CTIA by Ellipsis on Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K with Sound Devices 633 and Lectrosonics wireless with Denecke TSC time code slate

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Production Audio Mixer for First Community Credit Union TV Commercial 2019

Citizen Doug Productions is honored to continue a multi-season effort as Production Audio Mixer with the Houston Texans, You Squared Media, First Community Credit Union (FCCU), and Moffett Productions. Airing of the first commercial is seen during the Houston Texans football game.

Sound for the Arri Alexa Mini was supported with Sound Devices 633, Ambient Recording Locits, Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid wireless and IFB.

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Location Sound for -Get the Champion Energy Baseball Fan Plan- wilth Alex Bregman

Another fine creative effort from the minds of Moffett Productions. I am super excited to have been hired to record this new campaign for Champion Energy.

Sound support for the Red Helium included Sound Devices 633, Ambient Lockits , and Lectrosonics wireless.

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Location Sound at Space Center Houston for “There’s space for everyone”

This ad for Space Center Houston is a whole take dolly shot in front of a projection. Citizen Doug was booked to record the audio for this series by Richard King Films and used a Sound Devices 633 with Lectrosonics, Digital Hybrid wireless and IFB. Time code was supplied to Blue Ribbon Digital Media’s Arri Mini via Ambient lockit. Grip and Electric provided by Nadji FIlms.

More of this campaign:
“There’s space for everyone”
“Rockets, Robots & Rovers”
“The Eagle has landed”
“There’s space for everyone

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Citizen Doug Shoots and Edits “Wanna Be A Baller” Music Video for Doc Loc and the Swangers

It’s just amazing how Houston has embraced this video on Facebook: 1.000,000 views in five days with over 27,000 shares. Thank you Houston!

Henry Darragh called me and asked if I would shoot his studio date at Wire Road with Doc Loc and the Swangers. I grabbed my Canon c300, Ambient lockits, Canon 5d and we were off to the races! Then I edited for a little while.

Check out “On My Block” by Doc Loc and the Swangers

Doc Loc and the Swangers soloists:
James Williams III (trumpet)
Kendall Moore (trombone)
Grace Estrada (baritone saxophone)
Tito Carbonelli-Hernandez (tenor)
Jordan Stephens (bass trombone)

Woody Witt (alto), Brian Perez (tenor), Cory Wilson (alto), Gerry Mata and Salvador Velasco, (trumpets), Silvio Giannetti, and Henry Darragh (trombones), Glen Ackerman (bass), Jerre Jackson (drums), Dan Workman (co-producer), Josh Applebee (engineer/mixing engineer), Christopher Longwood (mastering engineer), and videography by Citizen Doug Productions. Recording Studio: Wire Road. Mixing and some solo tracking at Upper East Room at Château de Palestine

Also appearing, Sound Devices 633, Lectrosonics SMDWB, IFB, and UT400.

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Citizen Doug does Vari-speed Music Video Playback

Varispeeding audio playback while a camera over or under-cranks is not a new technique. I am able to match a variety of camera frame rates on set, on demand. I was hired to do the first three days of on set playback in Houston on Solange’s short film “When I Get Home.” The second video release of this material “Almeda” uses some of the images shot while I did playback. Solange spent a lot of time crafting this work as can be seen by the number of scenes that obviously are Houston and many that are not. With so much rich material, many of the scenes we shot were not used or were re-purposed. The whole piece is psychedelic and reminiscent in tone. The mixture of images generated at different time base rates help build that mood. It would be difficult to claim or reveal very much at all about the process. A clear example of a shifted base rate that I supported is the spinning cowboy hat. Notice that Solange’s lip sync performance is spot-on while the hat moves a little slower than it would naturally.

So since I couldn’t easily explain the process, I decided to make a demo
for Instagram of the varispeed playback rig I assembled. I couldn’t get all the elements of this special rig demonstrated in under two minutes and Instagram is limited to one minute. No problem! Varispeed that! You will notice that the clocks are running at double speed and the demonstration of the director’s mic, recorded live, is pitched up. This goofy little demo is the opposite of beautiful divas languidly dancing and lip syncing. It was shot and edited over a single take as a one man band.

As a side note, it was a tremendous honor and pleasure to work with Chayse Irvin, CSC (DOP “BlacKKKlansman”). He is a remarkably gifted and pleasant professional. Film pros of my vintage and local always wonder if we will ever get to work in 35mm film again. His insight and requests helped hone the techniques that I used and both conserved film stock and saved film related budget. Like me, I know that he didn’t work on every frame in this expansive work, but his early influence set the bar high

Equipment in the demo includes Zoom F8n, Zoom F8 Control app, Apple Mac Pro, Apple iPad, Avid Pro Tools, Denecke Time Code Slates, Yeti Source Zero 1400, Lectrosonics IFB, Lectrosonics digital hybrid wireless

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